Friday, November 06, 2020


Moving this post to the head of the list, I present a recently expanded sampling of what this blog has been about. Occasional rant aside, it's been my goal to let people into the operating room, and into the life and thoughts of a surgeon; to share my take on some surgical conditions, and sometimes just to get a laugh.

Memorable Patients: I've told stories about people who made a big impression

here, (the most stool I've ever seen in a belly)
here, (when my partner got sick)
here, (she killed her caregiver, and almost killed herself)
here, (thirteen years old, and I couldn't save her)
here (until the end, she kept bringing me food)
here, (kidney cancer in his pancreas, and he kept on truckin')
here, (bleeding so fast, I could hear it)
here, (no stomach, kept eating steak)
here, (breast-heart connection?)
here, (an extreme test of faith)
and here. (a screw-up in a great guy)

Series On Diseases, Organs, And Conditions:

Breast Cancer
one, two, three, four, five , six,
and this
oh yeah: and this one about outpatient mastectomy

one, two, three, four

one, two, three, four

The Pancreas
one, two, three

The Gallbladder
one, two, three, four, five

The Spleen
one, two

one, two

The Back Side
one, two


one, two, three

A Peek Into The Operating Room:

Deconstructing An Operation (wherein I tried to convey, in detail, what it's like to do an operation. Some of it is pretty good!)
one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten

What The Liver Feels Like:
touch it here

The Beauty Of Bowel:

When Food Leaks Out:

Fun With The Lung 
pink and soft.

You Are So Beautiful:
a look inside

What Makes A Fast Surgeon:it's not fast hands.

What Cancer Looks Like:ugly as hell

The Mind Of A Surgeon: (no, it's not an oxymoron)

Playing God

Taking Trust:
maybe my most controversial post (except for one on prayer. You'll have to search for that one.)

Liking the Horrible:
the paradox that is surgery

When It Scared Me to Death:
a sick baby

When Things Get Tough:
the need to concentrate

On Burnout (wordy, but heartfelt):
one, two, three

On Surgical Complications:
one, two, three.

On Palliative Surgery:
difficult decisions.

Think slow:
shoot from the head.

Various Good Stuff

Brittle Beauty (this one got mentioned in the New York Times):

About Surgical Names and Anatomic Places:

Ever Have A Maneuver Named After You?
he did

Surgical Clips, And A Good Story:

"Alternative" Medicine And Why We Love It:

Strange Things In Strange Places:takes all kinds

Old Folks:
They take it in stride.

Word play:
Fun with new words.

Hospital Politics, And A Memo:

one, two, three, four

My Malpractice Series: (lawyers hated it. Because of the title, it still gets hits on strange searches...)

one, two, three

Thoughts On Health Care Issues:

Rants: (most of these are decidedly non-medical, so be warned)

My first rant, on the anniversary of 9/11.

This is the only medical one

I guess this is a rant. It's about war and what it does to the kids who fight them. Some of the comments are worth reading, too.

OK, this is medical too, and "religious."

Praying for a Child (this one caused a huge ruckus.)


Moving this post to the head of the list, I present a recently expanded sampling of what this blog has been about. Occasional rant aside, i...