Monday, April 14, 2008


By appealing to my baser instincts, namely susceptibility to flattery, Jeffrey Leow has cajoled or tricked me into agreeing to host the next SurgeXperiences. So consider this a call for submissions (in the other sense, as opposed to how I submitted to Jeffrey's third or fourth entreaty.) Here is an official announcement (ripped off and slightly modified from Suture for a Living):

"SurgeXperiences is a blog carnival about surgically-related blogs. It is open to all (surgeon, nurse, anesthesia, patient, etc) who have a surgical blog or article to submit. The next edition will be on April 27th. The deadline for submissions will be April 25th. Please submit your posts here."

Having complained previously about themed blog carnivals (while acknowledging that people have a perfect right to do it however they choose), I'm making no suggestions other than getting your entries in on time. Unless an unprecedented deluge leads to more than I can handle, I plan to link 'em all up. So feel free, and freed. And please: lower your expectations.


SeaSpray said...'ve been tagged and invited to play. :)

Bongi said...

actually i think it is a good thing. i'll get my submissions in on time.

rlbates said...

I agree with Bongi.

xxnemesis2010 said...

We all expect the very best from you, Dr. Schawb.
No pressure :P

Unknown said...

I'm on it!

make mine trauma said...

Yikes! I have only one week to create, haven't been so good at that lately. However, I am sure that you will have many, many submissions and look forward to your edition.


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