Friday, February 08, 2008

Post Talk, Propter Talk

I thoroughly enjoyed myself on last night's radio show. Listening later, I cringed a couple of times, and wished I'd stammered a little less, and said "y'know" more infrequently. Still, it was great fun. Most particularly, I appreciated the people who honored me with their calls: bongi, Rob, Enrico, Seaspray, Eric. How great to talk to you all! And when I say honored, I really mean it!

The chat room was populated with lots of my cyberfriends and was, according to my wife who watched the scrolling words, lively and highly entertaining. I wish THAT were archived!

Most of all, I'm grateful to the inventive Dr Anonymous, who has pioneered that aspect of the blogosphere, for having me on. This whole blogging thing is quite amazing: the connections around the world being at the top of the list of the unexpected pleasures. Thanks, everyone.

For anyone who missed it and has an hour to waste, it's archived here.


Bongi said...

it is an honour to speak to the master blogger. i too retrospectively felt a tad foolish. firstly, listening to myself speaking to you and doc a i was acutely aware of my accent. it was contrasted strongly against yours. funny actually. i think we watch enough american tv that we don't notice the accent. but when the two are spoken together, strangely enough, mine is the one that sounded odd to me.
secondly, on the phone i struggled to differentiate between you and doc a. this left me with silent pauses and basically a mouth full of teeth. sorry if i was short or rude at any stage.
but it was fun.

Sid Schwab said...

bongi, i noticed too, in listening later, that dr a and i sound quite the same, at least on that medium. and surely you must know that americans are easily smitten by any accent.

rlbates said...

Dr. Sid, it was a great show! Loved all the callers and, Bongi, I am "smitten" with your accent.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Schwab,
I'm listening to your archived radio show now and you're great! I liked how you called surgery "mystifying and amazing" and a privilege. I also found it so interesting that you were also interested in psychiatry because reading your blog has helped me to psychologically heal from some of the after effects of my surgeries. Cool! You ARE a very good writer with a great choice of words, and you're modest! Goodness! Congratulations on your wonderful show and thank you for your blog!:)

Eric, AKA The Pragmatic Caregiver said...

It's so hard to heckle remotely, though!

It was a blast. You're a great storyteller, you have a vast store to draw from, and you have a face for talk radio. ;0)

The invite to the West Sound for a bartop mini-chole demonstration remains. I've been reading up on proper anastasia technique.

Not Important said...

Cr@p! I missed it. I hope you'll reappear so I can call in. I'll have to think of a question, though.

SeaSpray said...

Sid (I'm trying again) it was an honor to speak with you and Dr A and to be a part of the show. You know i am a surgical groupie now. I actually think if i had it to do over again that I would want to be an OR tech...something where I could see this stuff first hand.

The writer's strike worked in my favor or I would have missed the show. :)

You all came across great! I could tell the difference between you and Dr A and you all have better accents then this east coast girl. Funny how with depends what ears you are hearing with.

My d-i-l is from Ohio and I love her little accent. i think that you Dr S being from Washington state you have a great accent as did everyone else. I don't think of my self as an east coast accent because I think of that as being people from NYC (hour from here)or Jersey City, Long Island,etc., and yet hearing myself in comparison to all of you I detected it but not as strong as what I perceive an east coast accent to be. Also, I think a lot of us talk faster too. I spent a few days in Fairhope/Mobile Alabama and without realizing it i came back drawing out my words (impressionable I guess) so I would say 'you k-n-o-w-w-w" and then my husband pointed it out and I stopped.

Smitten, Bongi...I tell you smitten by your wonderful accent and voice! :)

The chatters were really funny! Next week I will turn the light on before I type! Haha!

Oh and talk about multi-tasking! While on the line waiting to speak with you guys, i was trying to listen to the show, follow the chat and keep track of the show on the phone which is ahead of the show on the air and so THAT was interesting.

I am so glad Dr A started doing this. He is a pioneer. This blogging hobby is the bestest ever! ;)

Bongi said...

by the way, as luck would have it, i got to do the now famous schwab mini chole again today. who would have thunk?

Sid Schwab said...

excellent! i still need to come there and grade you.

Anonymous said...

You did great Sid. It was so neat to be able to hear the interview.

Anonymous said...

It was a blast indeed! :)

Bongi: You didn't sound at a loss for words, just a man with economy of words.

Dr. A said...

Ditto what everyone said above. It was fun for me, too.

Cathy said...

Yep, you and Dr. A. do sound a lot alike. Or maybe it is just me, because when he had Kevin MD on, I thought they also sounded the same. After listening for a few minutes, I could tell you and Dr. A. apart, but with Kevin, I'm still not sure who said what.

It was great listening to you. You talk as good as you write.


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