Thursday, August 13, 2009

Death Panels

Surprise! It's a Republican idea.


AlisonH said...

Why oh why are they--Obama and Congress both--letting themselves be bullied into dropping the coverage for doctors to so counsel their patients when they ask for it?

Sid Schwab said...

I agree. Demagoguery wins. Shouting while stupid wins.

Because people didn't understand, they say. So why not lead them to understanding? Pretty sad.

Anonymous said...


What could possibly be the explanation for the American people's positive genius for falling for the most blatant and obvious propaganda? I have a possible theory if you're interested in hearing it....

We're idiots.

That could be the only explanation. What other reason could there possibly be? Any takers?

When a contemptible half-wit like Sarah Palin "twits" (an appropriate word) about "death panels" and the next moment it is a serious part on the national conversation - there is really something seriously wrong.

Here is (Excuse me, I meant "was") a golden opportunity for real reform and the idiotic Americans are screaming about socialism. Is it any wonder that we are the laughingstock of the industrialized world?

Tom Degan


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