Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Ignore RSS

See, Blogger has a new feature where you can schedule a post to publish automatically on a future day. All you need to do is indicate the day, and hit the "publish" button. Cool. Except that I thought I'd entered a future date when I hadn't. So a post just published prematurely. Unlike some other premature happenings, there's a solution, which is to delete the blog and do it again. Readers who honor me with an RSS feed from here will have received that wayward post. Others will see it next week, as intended.

Sometimes I wonder why I don't walk into walls.


kcd said...

>> So a post just published prematurely. Unlike some other premature happenings, there's a solution,<<

call it schadenfreude, but it's fun to see brilliant people mess up, even slightly. sorry.

hey sid, truly, i DO think there may now be a medical solution to the aforementioned premature happening - else what's Big Pharma For? (witness viagra vs OCPs!!)

ps PROPS TO YOU for your gay marriage post.

Patrick Bageant said...

You wonder why you don't walk into walls?

I was wondering where the "Y" in the title was.

Which, I am pretty sure, puts me WAY more in the dark!

Jens Knudsen (Sili) said...

I do actually walk into walls.

When I switch from spectacles to contacts.

For what it's worth, my aggregator didn't manage to catch the premature ejaculation.

GDad said...

The walls move out of your way. They're like that.

BTW, I'm trying to write the Great American Blog Post (heh) about my recent day as a family member waiting for a relative to undergo medical care. After reading your book and blog, I'm much more in tune with the medical staff's side of that day. Thanks for opening my eyes.

Sid Schwab said...

Patrick: I assume you're referring to the "Empath" post. The picture is the reason. Is all I'm saying.

JP said...

...prepublijacation... Isn't that what you once called it?

Devorrah said...

A Phd told me the true story of Einstein and the dog doors, which he remembers when he's feeling stupid:

Einstein was having a hard time getting anything done, as his dogs, a little one and a big one, always wanted to go out or come in, and never at the same time. He called a carpenter and asked him to put in two dog doors: One for the big dog and one for the little dog. (-:

rlbates said...

GDad, when you write that post, I hope you'll share it with the rest of us (maybe via SurgeXperiences).

Oh, and Sid, love the "ignore RSS" post and all the above comments.