Friday, June 30, 2006

Music to my ears

By way of getting started, and while avoiding the main point of this blog -- which is to regale the reader with things surgical -- let me just say that I've started walking again. For exercise. I ride a bike, mainly, and love it. But you have to pay attention while biking. Earphones are a major no-no. Walking allows me to carry along my iPod, and listen to music. Really, there's nothing more exhilarating than walking to nicely timed music, in the sun. So after a ride, I take a walk. Toss the zoloft. This really works.

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Anonymous said...

Dr Schwab, a hearty welcome from a very barely more-experienced blogger! I really meant what I said at Orac's about your offering some of the clearest and most insightful comments in the thread. Only busting your chops about humping the book - in fact, I am now intrigued enough to actually purchase it!

PharmGirl, MD, is in academic medicine, albeit not in surgery, but we have many surgical friends and colleagues. I look forward to adding you to the blogroll at Terra Sig as soon as I get the downtime to update.

Welcome, good luck, and enjoy!


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